^ (dawidjan, rhymes with pigeon)

From Boston and was back in NYC after a year in San Francisco but now I'm in Austin. Sometimes on twitter and sometimes here thinking aloud.

Think of this space as a way to have a one-way coffee. I fundamentally believe that talking transforms so I'm generally happy to grab that coffee or if we're not in the same zip code, we should ketch. I no longer delude myself into thinking that the occasional email, series of random tweets, or monthly DM is going to get us anywhere particularly valuable. Let's escape blue bubble purgatory because talking transforms. So honestly (you've arrived to this page for some reason) - shoot over a note. [email protected]

Now building RIFF. It would mean the world for you to drop your email and learn how we want to unmute the world.

And tune into RIFF Radio on CH.

I'd like to think I'm a product-minded business athlete with meaningful experience in early-stage ventures, partnerships, and machine learning. More on that here and here. Was selling Segment before.

I'm generally focused on being confident in the daily inputs around:

A few ideas I've lived by and popularized: